Education #AT4Lockdown

Facilitator: Trevor Boland, AHEAD

Note: Most of the discussion that took place in this break out room was related to Higher Education. We welcome input from those involved in primary, secondary and further education, as issues there may be different – or not!

Issues Raised

  • Importance of closed captions to be available on all online education content
  • Added value in saving closed captions as a script for the student, accessible off line/post online learning (whether recorded or live)
  • Not all staff have had prior AT/IT training so accessibility knowledge limited: participation should be mandatory.

Resources identified

  • Microsoft Teams offers a range of solutions
  • Importance of institutional Teams accounts to enable lecturers oversee/examine/report on student performance/submissions
  • Need to resolve how external lecturers access institutional Teams account
  • Seek Microsoft support to resolve issues above.
  • Closed Captions as a built in feature
  • Capacity for students to record their responses in exams. Eg: Maths exam: student orally described how to solve the math problems and this recording was then used for marking
  • Accessible Virtual Learning Environments: key priority to ensure any Virtual Learning Environments adopted by organisations/institutions are accessible
  • Moodle is highly accessible and widely used
  • Google Classroom?
  • Xerte?
  • Others?

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