Day Service Provision #AT4Lockdown

Facilitator: Deirdre Madden, Disability Support Service, UCC

There were a plethora of very practical initiatives outlined in this group, as service providers have been fast to respond to the need to support service users in their homes.

Issues Raised

  • Many staff and service users are unfamiliar with IT, so engaging with and understanding the potential of AT is more challenging
  • GDPR and service policy challenges around accessing even something as basic as video conferencing tools and facilities
  • Some service users with basic Doro phones are unable to access smart tech options

Resources identified

  • Facebook groups created for service users to stay connected with each other and with the services in Enable Ireland Adult Services
  • Challenges around agreements for online safety, privacy & policies for these Facebook pages
  • Email & Microsoft Teams video calls are being used to sustain therapy delivery.
  • Home visits are ongoing: to support service users with complex needs and their families. Therapists have emailed details of therapy programmes to staff and then use video calls for follow through, using Microsoft Teams.
  • Co-Action Service in West Cork has some resources and established policies on “tele-therapies” which were developed well before current crisis. These will be shared once available.
  • Microsoft are supporting Enable Ireland in the establishment of Virtual Service Centres using Teams. This Virtual Service will offer adult service users a menu of service options, akin to a restaurant menu. Options will include online leisure classes such as wheelchair Zumba, music, theatre and music. Learning from this over the coming weeks will be shared through CHAT.
  • Enable Ireland Cork have created an AT email to facilitate communication between service users and staff on AT issues they may be experiencing at home.
  • Suggestion for CHAT: Closed Facebook Group across all strands/ breakout rooms for people to share challenges and solutions.
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