CHAT – Accessible Video Conferencing

CHAT CATCH-UP Series 2021

The three-part CATCH-UP CHAT series reflects one year of using online tools to stay connected, support the disability sector, and share key learning bytes!

1. CHAT – Accessible Video Conferencing

 We will discuss; How-to?  and What’s Working?

When: Thursday, 29th April 2021@3pm

Following on from one year of engaging with new online tools to support people with disabilities stay connected to services, this first Catch Up CHAT of 2021 invites you to come and share your top tips and tricks on using the top platforms. We will have three breakout rooms to choose from: Teams, Zoom and Attend Anywhere/WebEx.

We covered;

• Getting your setting right

• Accessibility shortcuts

• Safety features

• Host and Co-Host features

• Engagement tool tips and tricks

• Integration tools

There were three Breakout rooms to choose from, please find recordings of all three rooms below with cc options if required. 

Breakout Room 1. Teams Anyone?

Breakout Room 2. How do you Zoom?

Breakout Room 3. Webex and Attend Anywhere!



Contact: Twitter @freedomtech